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In order to login to the web portal, through telephone, or phone app, you will need your school's Group ID number and PIN.  Each principal has this information, and it can also be requested from the Technology Department.

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There are many great features inside the One Call Now System and I would encourage you to check out their website and browse a bit to see features available.  We have free support and you can watch pre-recorded webinars, or attend live ones.

OneCall Now Help / Support Center

How do numbers get into the One Call Now System?
Information from SAM Student Information System is uploaded each day into the One Call Now database.  Please do NOT manually update numbers or records directly from the One Call Now system.  The changes you make will be overwritten each day.  You MUST update the information correctly in the SAM database.  

If someone requests removal from the system, you will have to use the search tool from the One Call Now website to find which student the "bad" number is assigned under and then update that student's information inside SAM.

How to send a message from a regular telephone

Click here for detailed Instructions

  • 1-877-698-3262, option 9 for live person.  You will need your Group ID and PIN
  • 1-877-698-3261, then # followed by Group ID and PIN for automated message delivery.
  • Option 1 - Send a message to your group.  00 to send message to everyone in your group.
  • Option 4 - Record a message introduction.  This will play before every message you send out.  It should sound something like, "This is John Doe, principal of Duboise High School, with an important message"  There is no need to identify yourself on the message if you have recorded a message like above or else it will be redundant

Automatic Attendance Messages
The One Call Now system is setup to send out automatic personalized attendance messages.  Each day the system pulls a  file from SAM and sends a message to the parents of students notifying them of their absence.

Template for Attendance Message.  Yours should sound something like this

Message Example Template

  • To record this message please dial 1-877-698-3262.  
  • Enter # followed by your Group ID and PIN.
  • Press option 6 to record a new attendance message.
  • Notify me, and I will assign the new recording to your schools attendance message

One Call Now iphone App
You can download the FREE iphone app for One Call Now from the Apple iTunes store. This will allow you to send messages, text messages, etc. using the app from your phone.

Mobile App FAQ

Send SMS Text Messages

The One Call Now system allows us to send text messages to parents and staff for notification as well.  The program is "smart" enough to determine if the numbers it has for participants is a cell phone or not.  The numbers do not specifically have to be marked as a cell phone.

***Before an SMS message is allowed to be received by a cell phone, that cell phone must text the word "Alert" to 22300.  This tells the One Call Now system that it is OK to send text messages to them.  This does NOT enroll their number into the system.  It must already be there as a contact number.  This simply gives permission to deliver the SMS text message.

SMS Text Messaging Guide

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SMS Text Messaging Guide

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