Using your individual network login to sign-in to the computer will give each of you your own personal storage space that is backed up and accessible from any computer in the district provided you sign in with your teacher login. This means that your documents are saved to the network and will be accessible from any computer at your school. This is very helpful as you deal with data loss due to computer failure or repair. You will always be able to retrieve your documents and access them from another computer.

In addition to this it helps us secure our computers from unwanted access. Your documents and data will be password protected. Students will have a generic account to use with limited access meaning that they won't be able to easily trash the computer and accidentally install unnecessary software.

This will also allow us to more easily mange, update, and maintain the computer equipment at your school.

How to Logon to computer running Windows 7

If you were the last user that logged in and you see your username, just click the icon for your user account

Enter the password and press the right arrow or <ENTER> to sign-in.

If you do not see your name listed, click the icon labeled “Other User”.

Then, type your username and password and press the right arrow button or press <ENTER>

**If this is the first time you are signing in, you will be prompted to change your password. You will enter the temporary password that was given to you in the first blank labeled “Old Password”. You will then enter your new password in the following two blanks and press the right arrow button or <ENTER>

How to Logon to a computer running Windows XP

Enter your username in the “User name” field

Enter your password in the “Password” field

**Make sure the “Log on to” field has the “TCSD” option selected

How to Log Off?

Logging off locks your computer from unwanted access and protects access to your computer and files.

From the Start Menu (Press the Start button) Click the “Log Off” option.