Basic Projector Troubleshooting

    Applicable to:

    • LCD Projectors


    The image is blurred and out of focus

    • Check that the projector lens cover has been removed.
    • Check the focus has been adjusted correctly. This will either be a dial around the lens or an option on your remote control.
    • The lens of the projector may need cleaning. If it needs cleaning use a dry soft cloth. Please do this with the projector switched off as you will be looking directly into the lens.
    • You may be running your computer at a resolution that is not natively supported by the projector. For Sanyo projectors supplied by Promethean if the model number begins with an S (SW35 for example) then it is an SVGA projector and the image will look best at a resolution of 800x600 pixels. If the model number begins with an X (XE40 for example) then it is an XGA projector and the image will look best at a resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

    The projected image is too bright

    • The projector includes controls to adjust its brightness and contrast settings. These are available in the projector menu.
    • You can run the projector lamp in 'eco' mode. This mode is available in the projector settings and will run the lamp at a reduced brightness; this also extends the lifespan of the lamp.

    The projected image is too dim

    • Ensure there are no bright sources of light shining onto the Activboard.
    • Projector lamps degrade over time, and may gradually dim. The lamp may be due for replacement.

    The projected image appears to be a distorted shape.

    • Due to the angle of the projected image the projector will include controls to adjust any distortion. This is called the 'Keystone'control.
    • Press the keystone button on your remote control and use the arrow keys to reshape the image.

    The projector isn't displaying the entire computer screen.

    • Ensure the computer is running in a suitable resolution for the projector.
    • Press the 'Auto PC' button on the projector remote control

    The projected image is too big or too small.

    • Some projectors include a resize control on a dial around the projector lens.
    • Fixed distance projectors (like the XE40) can only resize the image by moving the projector forward or backwards on the projector mounting.

    The projector displays the message 'No Signal'

    • Check that the computer video cable is connected to both the computer and the projector, or any other video termination points along the cable path.
    • Ensure the computer is in mirror/clone display mode. See article 10002uk for details.
    • Press the 'Computer' or 'Input' button on the projector remote control to toggle to the correct input mode.
    • Try another computer.

    The image appears to be tinged yellow or purple, or appears 'blotchy'

    • Try using another computer video cable
    • The projector may need cleaning. Contact technical support with the serial number.