Whats my login?

For Teachers

Your username will be your school email address.  Your password varies each year and is sent to you via email at the beginning of the school year.  If you have lost this information, please contact your school AR / Compass administrator, and they will be able to assist you.

When signing in for the first time, you will be issued a generic password.  Once you sign in, please CHANGE this temporary password.  To change your password, sign in and click your name, which appears in tht top-right corner of your browser window.  Then click the  "Edit Password" link. (See below)


Each K-6 teacher will automatically have a class setup with there students assigned based on homeroom.  This class will be labeled as follows:

School Abbreviation_Teacher First Name.Teacher Last Name_HR.

Example:  ETE_Jane.Doe_HR

Students will automatically be assigned to this class for you.  You will have access to create assignments for your class.  You may create other custom classes if necessary.  7th-8th grade students are added to a class based on their grade and are assigned to the school AR/Compass administrator for administration.  This information is setup automatically based on your student schedules as they exist in the Sam 7i SIS.  If you still need assistance signing in or creating classes, please contact your school AR / Compass administrator.

For Students

Each student has been created a login ID and assigned to a teacher and class.  The student username will be their MSIS ID / Lunch Number without leading zeroes.  The password will be as follows:

School UserID Password
Coldwater Attendance Center MSIS / Lunch Number cac
East Tate Elementary School

MSIS / Lunch Number

Independence High School

MSIS / Lunch Number

Strayhorn Elementary School

MSIS / Lunch Number

Strayhorn High School

MSIS / Lunch Number


**This information is applicable to Renaissance Place as well.