Recalibrating a Interwrite Board or Dualboard after restarting your PC

Users of our Interwrite Whiteboard or Interwrite Dualboard always require a one-time calibration to help capture and retain the correct display matching the overhead projector and settings that are being used concurrently in the class. When you shut off your computer for the day and start class the next, powering on your board and projector should not require any service or further attention allowing you to get your new day started more quickly.

But what if this doesn't happen? Under certain circumstances some users have reported instances where they must recalibrate their board the next day or even several times a day. If this sounds like something you are experiencing then this article is for you.

The problem discussed above tells us that your settings are not being saved in our eInstruction Device Manager (or "DM" as we like to call it) before you restart your PC. The solution to this is to restart DM before shutting down your PC. 

Here's how:


1.  Locate your eInstruction Tools icon in your task tray (The example shown below is a Windows 7 PC. For Windows XP/Vista look in the bottom-right corner near the time and volume and you should see this icon. 


2.  Click and choose RESTART.


3.  After 30-60 seconds you should now see the EI Tools icon reappear in your task tray. At this point you should be safe to shut down your PC. When you start up your computer the next time recalibration should not be required.