Why does my Projector turn itself off?

    Applicable to:

    All Promethean projectors


    You projector should run consistently throughout the day, without needing to switch off. If you projector is turning off for whatever reason, please read below for some advice as to the problem, and how to resolve the issue.


    Is your projector fan working too hard (very noisy)?

    Should your projector be in need of a clean or if the projector does not have adequate ventilation, excess heat can build up and this will cause the projector’s fans to speed up, noticeably increasing the volume of the unit. Should this be the case, please make sure no object is within the vicinity of the projector, and clean any filters to the best of your ability.

    Should the fan continue to be loud, the projector may require a service clean and you should contact technical support for take this matter further.


    Is your projector lamp approaching the end of its life?

    Your projector lamp has two contact pins that allow an electronic current to cross between them. As the lamp begins to age, the gap between the two pins increases. Eventually the gap will be too large for a consistent electrical current to join them and your lamp will no longer “strike”, in effect ending the life of the lamp. To determine if this is an issue for your particular projector, the best course of action would be to try another known working lamp from another projector. If this lamp works fine (and your lamp is still covered under warranty), you should contact the Technical Support team for advice on having the lamp replaced under cover.