PRM20 - Lamp Replacement Guide

    Applicable to:

    PRM–20 Projectors


    To complete the instructions below, you will require a large and small Pozi type screwdriver.

    Step 1

    Power down the projector using the remote control unit.

    Step 2

    Allow the projector to cool down for a minimum period of 45 minutes.

    Step 3

    Isolate the power to the system at the mains power supply.

    Step 4

    Remove the power cable from the rear of the projector.

    Step 5

    Remove the remaining cables from the rear of the projector, as shown in the images below.


    Step 6

    Once all the cables are removed, it is time to remove the projector from its mounting position.

    Step 7

    Whilst supporting the underside of the projector as shown, undo and remove the thumbscrew by turning it in a clockwise direction and gently allow the projector to lower on its fixing point. Don’t be alarmed, the projector is designed to move in this way and is fully supported by the bracket, as shown in the following images.


    Step 8

    Once the projector has been lowered, grasp with both hands and lift in a forward motion, this will release the projector from its mounting point. Take care not to touch the projector lens when removing the projector from its mount.


    Step 9

    Unscrew the lamp door and remove, exposing the lamp.

    Step 10

    Unscrew the two screws holding the lamp in place (N.B these screws are holding screws which are part of the lamp and cannot be removed completely).

    Step 11

    Using the metal handle, pull the lamp out of the projector. Once removed, fit your replacement lamp and reverse the process.