LCD Projector remote control no longer works

Applicable to:

Sanyo PLC-XE40 and Sanyo PLC-XL40 projectors.

Problem Description:

Projector remote no longer operational.  You find that you cannot power the projector up or shut it down and also nothing happens when you press the "Menu" button on the remote control.


Firstly, check the batteries, they may need replacing.

Secondly, the code frequency on which the projector the remote communicate on may have been changed.  In which case, try the following:

1. Hold down the 'Menu' and 'Image' buttons on the remote for approximately 30 seconds (this will tell the remote to switch frequencies).Then try operating the projector.

2. If that works then activate the projector menu (press the Menu button) and highlight the icon that looks like a spanner and a screwdriver (the box on the far left will read as 'Language').

3. Now use the arrow buttons on the remote to go down the icons on the left hand side of the screen until the box in the top left corner of the screen reads as 'Remote Control'.

4. Press the Select button once and another box will appear beside the icon you highlighted.Most probably the words 'Code 2' will be shown.Press the right arrow button on the remote once so that it changes to read 'Code 1'.

5. You will probably now find that the remote control no longer works again.Therefore, hold down the 'Menu' and 'Image' buttons on the remote control for 30 seconds once more and try operating the projector again. De-activate the projector menu by pressing the 'Menu' button on the remote control.

Should you require further assistance, then please contact Technical Support.